Located in the south west of Iran, Khouzestan is one of the most important provinces of the country. Not only has Khouzestan been a business and commercial zone for years, but it is also considered an energy source of the country with its bulk of gas and oil reserves.

All these factors combined with its infrastructural massive industry and agriculture, have made Khouzestan the financial and commercial center of the country. The cultural and historical potential of Khouzestan has also paved the way for detailed scientific and research studies.

As a matter of fact, the faculty of economics and social sciences at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz was established for the very same purpose: to exploit all the mentioned potential and draw up guidelines.

This faculty was established in 1975 with 40 students majoring in economics, business orientation. Since then, it has been a rich source of academia with six educational and research departments; Economics, Management, Accounting and Sociology.

Of the 18 orientations, nine, that would be fifty percent, are offered in higher education courses (Masters and Ph.D.).

The faculty is currently attempting to run foreign students' office, which deals with handling non-Iranian students' educational, research, official, and welfare affairs, self-service, dormitory and also sports centers. Running supplementary classes, offering educational assistants, and cooperating in translating texts to Arabic would be among the other activities of this office.

1265 research articles, 98 published books and 109 research projects are the academic activities of the faculty members of the faculty of economics and social sciences.

1611 students in the faculty make it the top rank in all humanistic sciences faculties and also the second rank among the 13 faculties of the university (15% of all students). 1306 B.A. students (78%), 243 M.A. students, and 62 Ph.D. students are currently studying in the faculty. The 56 full-time faculty members include 4 professors, 12 associate professors, 21 assistant professors and 9 instructors.