نقشه سایت



We       are       eager     to       share        ideas      and                methods         and           respect          human       values 


Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. I am delighted that you have chosen to be a part of our faculty's family, whether as a student, faculty or staff member. One of the first things you will discover at this faculty is that we all have a mission to strive to improve teaching, research, and technology creation. For more than 50 years, in this faculty, our students and professors have been thinking and writing about new ideas and their real consequences, and now we are the largest faculty of humanities and social sciences in southwest Iran.

In this faculty, we help you become scholars and innovators who expand educational opportunities, increase academic achievement, and contribute to the advancement of human society. Here your knowledge will be challenged and we will expose you to rigorous research and innovative ideas by our faculty members and help you achieve the best result. With every step we take together, we also think about our main goal, which is the elevation of human and spiritual values.

If you haven't joined our family yet, there are many ways to interact with us, from participating in one of our scientific events to publishing articles in our international journals or doing a research project or joint scientific initiatives with our professors or studying in one of our departments' Bachelor's to PhD programs or take part in our  short courses. This website is a great place to learn more about how we can help you achieve your educational and career goals.


Karim Rezadoost


 Associate Professor of Sociology